Discover where Stephanie Walter stands on key issues.

Parks & Trails

Bellevue parks and trails are a great source of joy and comfort. One doesn’t need to travel far to take advantage of one of Bellevue’s many parks. Our parks and trails system must be protected, preserved, and maintained for the enjoyment of current and future generations. As a council member, I would make the Bellevue Parks and Trails system a priority. Parks are a place where the strength of this City’s diversity is evident. We enjoy people of various ages, languages, countries of origin, physical abilities etc. gathering in community. Bellevue parks are no place for camping or substance abuse.


Bellevue is alive with opportunity. One such opportunity is a responsive transportation system that leverages technology to get us where we want, when we want, and how we want. As a council member, I will champion innovative and creative solutions that will work for each of us.

Public Safety

Bellevue's first responders provide world class service. They have what it takes to keep us all safe and secure. They are a key to our positive community. When we call 911, it is less frightening because we have met our first responders in our parks and coffee shops. As a council member, I promise to support all first responders: police, firefighters and medics assuring they have what they need to provide the highest level of service in every corner of Bellevue.

Families, Neighborhoods,
& Communities

Families are the heart and future of Bellevue. My journey toward civic leadership began with protecting single family neighborhoods. As a council member, I will continue to advocate for strong and safe single-family, multi-family and affordable housing. Serving on the board of the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association, the East Bellevue Community Council and previously as Chair of the Bellevue Planning Commission; I have represented many neighborhoods’ interests while successfully balancing them with business and other priorities.

Families from Bellevue’s past are important to our future. Those who raised their families, returned from war and toiled on our farms are the legacy of this wonderful city. Our seniors have contributed significantly to the communities we enjoy today, and they still have so much to give. Their interests must continue to be included in the vision of the city council.

As a council member, I will always remember who to thank for where we are and who to listen to when planning where to go.

Taxes & Budget

In Bellevue, we have a thriving economy and yet, some on fixed incomes struggle to pay their taxes. As your council member, I will not raise taxes unnecessarily. I will not support an income tax nor a head tax on business that hurts employers’ ability to create more jobs. With a background in finance and economics, I will cut waste and provide outstanding service for lower cost.